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ACTTS members, court and technical translators/interpreters, apply the rates within the range recommended by the Management Board of the Association taking into consideration the fact that the same are competitive and reasonable.

The rates depend on the language pair, topic, deadline and scope of work. Recommended increase for urgent translations is 30%, but it can be higher, up to 100%, depending on the circumstances and agreement between the translator and the client.

Quantity and other discounts may be also given by translators up to 50% in case of similar texts, etc.

You can get a reliable quote if you fill in and send us the Inquiry or contact us by phone fax, e-mail or visit us at our downtown office.

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  • ACTTS Annual Meeting

    Dear Colleagues, We would like to inform all the members of the Association and other interested court and professional translators that the ACTTS Annual Meeting will was held on 21 October 2016 at the Office of the Association in Gavrila Principa St. No. 20.

  • Yours faithfully, ACTTS MB

    The Association of Court and Technical Translators of Serbia (ACTTS) was established on 24.02.2012, but the Opening Ceremony shall be held in september 2012. See the section Membership.

  • Painting the walls in the courtyard of ACTTS Office

    Senior students of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, together with their professor Miroslav Lazović have started artistic painting of the walls in the courtyard of the ACTTS office.

  • O'Malley

    Ladies, don’t be afraid. Come to the Association. This mali (Small) in the picture, who will become the big O'Malley one day has caught the last mouse in the courtyard of the ACTTS office.

  • Painting the large wall

    Professor Lazovic has started painting the large wall in the courtyard of the ACTTS office.

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